Buffalo homecoming

I have arrived.



The last time I was in Buffalo was 2013, I think. My cross-country Pie It Forward road trip with Estranged/Ex Spouse fizzled out in New Jersey, and we drove to Buffalo to crash in a friend’s driveway for a couple of days. Back then, my murderous local celebrity grandmother was still alive, although frail and mostly house-bound, so I didn’t want to go out much, lest someone recognize me as her grandchild and alert her to my presence.

But NOW she’s dead. So one of the things I’m doing while I’m here in Buffalo is paying a visit to her grave to do a little happy dance.

There’s a lot of backstory about my murderous grandmother (and my scumbag child molesting grandfather, also blessedly deceased) that I’m leaving out. A lot of it will wind up in my memoir. But short version, they were awful people who terrorized my mother (the outsider) during the 15 years she was married to my father, and then, during the divorce years, manipulated me and turned me against my mother and sister, with a string of lies so outrageous I couldn’t even say them out loud until after my father’s funeral in 2009.

I hate them and I’m glad they’re dead.

Also, while I’m here, I finally have the energy and lack of constraints on my schedule to see old friends, visit my favorite bars and diners, hack away at my memoir, and stock up on products from the greatest grocery store chain in the world, Wegman’s.

It’s good to be back.


Author: Sullie

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