Setting a course

Here’s a few pics of Glory Hallelujah. As a 2001 Dodge Caravan painted champagne-gold, she’s pretty anonymous looking. I like anonymous looking vehicles, although I’m always tempted to plaster them from bumper to bumper with decals and stickers advertising what kind of person is inside. I’m going to try not to do that. Having an anonymous looking minivan as my home and transportation will probably help keep me safe as I pursue my adventures.

Here she is, my ship, my home, Glory Hallelujah
The finest in early 2000’s engineering and design
Extension cord hanging from rear driver’s side window. So I can watch nature documentaries on my laptop at night.

And then there’s me.


I’m Sullie. I used to be half way normal. I had a job and a spouse and I lived in a house. I threw it all away in the most hurtful manner possible during a manic episode in February. I spent March through May homeless on the streets of Ann Arbor with a guitar playing heroin addict who I will refer to as “Barn Cat.” In June, I was rescued out of homelessness by the combined efforts of too many people to list. I’ve been recovering in Muskegon, Michigan, under the care of my friend Doc since then.

I’m ready to set sail again. I have wanted to live a nomadic life since I was 16, and I’m now 31. The plan is to set sail in late September, destination Huntersville North Carolina, for the Carolina Renaissance Festival. Between now and then, I need to finish making payments to Glory Hallelujah’s original owner, get the title, license plates, and insurance. I also need to build a suitable sleeping platform and add storage compartments to the interior. Right now I’m sleeping on an air mattress on the floor, which is fine but not an acceptable long term solution.

It feels good to have a blog-home again. Welcome aboard.



Author: Sullie

I love balloon animals and any food that can be served on a stick, with the exception of deep fried butter.